Oscar’s Excellent Adventure 2018

For this year’s Oscar’s Excellent Adventure we camped off of Mineral Mountain Road. On Friday, Zuks of Arizona president, Curtis, led the Montana Mountain run as well as night run through Woodpecker Trail in Florence Junction, AZ.

We took off Saturday morning, towards Sandman Wash, but discovered one of the gates required to get through was closed. So we headed back and took Box Canyon east of Florence all the way around to the start of Elvis.

The trail itself was about in the worst condition I’ve seen it but it made it that much more fun to get through. After we got done with the trail, we headed west towards Sandman Wash and took off North to find yet another road closed. Turns out the Mineral Mountain Mine closed off all the access roads, so we had to navigate through the desert to find our way back to Cottonwood Canyon Road.

Below are a few of our favorite pictures, for all the pictures go to our gallery here – https://www.turndriver.com/Off-Roading/Oscars-Excellent-Adventure-2018/Edited/

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