Rocker Panel Pass FR160

This was a fun run. Curtis and I caraved out to the trail head out of town, when we got there, we were convinced it would be just the two of us. Not too much longer Mike Whipple pulled up, a new guy Forrest, and shortly thereafter Jim.

The trail itself, Forest Road 160, was in a great shape. It looks like the area is typically only used by 4 wheelers and dirt bikers, the road leading to the trail head, didn’t have any rough sections whooped out by side by sides. The challenging part of the trail wasn’t too tough, but it wasn’t a walk in the park. Most of us made it through pretty quickly, except for Jim who took the extra credit lines and made it a spectacle to watch, as usual. Once we go done with the challenging part in the canyon, we basically cruised ridge lines and river beds, until we made it over to the Sycamore Creek side. When we were getting closer to the popular area, we noticed a ton more side by sides, and with that sections of river bed which were pretty whooped.

Overall it was a great run, we didn’t have too much trouble. The new guy, Forrest, had some issues with his weber carburetor stalling out, and Jim ran into an issue with his computer wiring harness coming out(one of the clips broke that hold the wiring harness in). But other than that we didn’t have any issues in the group.

Definitely want to come back to that area, and probably stay on that side to explore some more of the trails around there.

Here’s a picture from our lunch spot after got through majority of the rough stuff:

Here are all the pictures from the trip –

Below are some of my favorites

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